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Is my property suitable for a loft conversion?
There are a few key factors you need to consider to determine whether your property will be suitable for a loft conversion. Firstly, you need to measure the height of the roof space. You need around 2.3 metres (approximately 7ft 6in) to allow enough headroom. The steeper the "pitch" of the roof the better - a steeper roof will allow for more headroom. If you don't have enough headroom in the existing space it may be possible to raise the roof or ceiling, although this is obviously subject to planning consent and will increase the cost of the project. You'll also need to consider windows. Velux windows fit into the existing slope of the roof whereas dormer windows can add additional headroom by extending outwards from your roof. The extent to which you make any changes to the exterior of the property in terms of look and feel, extensions to the existing roof line, and the locality in which you live may have an impact on planning requirements. An expert in the field will be able to advise you on this.

Do I need a specialist company or architect?
You will get the best results by using an architect and/or structural engineer to draw up the plans, and using a builder with experience in loft conversions. The architect will normally draw up plans for the building and the structural engineer deals with scientific and mathematical aspects of ensuring the building is structurally sound. Architects and structural engineers often work together within the same organisation or may subcontract work to each other. Look for qualified and experienced professionals, and when it comes to your builder, check that they are registered with a professional association such as the Federation of Master Builders which requires strict standards of quality and best practice. Specialist companies will also have the skills required to plan the best use of the limited space you may have, taking into account key structural features such as roof joists and load-bearing walls along with the best approaches to access; plus they will have the expertise to fit specialist window types and understand the complexities of plumbing and wiring in roof spaces. We'd recommend calling in an expert very early in the process as they will be able to clearly establish the options in terms of the feasibility of the project, use of space and access arrangements before you make any firm decisions.

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