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How Much Can I Save?
The Energy Saving Trust have stated that the average household could save around £200 annually off the price of utility bills by having solar PV panels installed.

The new Feed-In Tariffs also mean that those that generate electricity via PV panels can receive cash back for the electricity they produce. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, a normal 2.5kWp PV panel can earn the owner about £900 a year, and this is a separate income from the reduction you will receive on your utility bill.

These figures look great, but are they guaranteed?
The sun light hours in the UK are surprisingly stable and so we can estimate the return you'll get on your system fairly precisely. Of course, the size and positioning of your panels effects the amount of electricity you produce, and therefore the savings you make. Here at Nottinghamshire Solar Power, we have years of experience installing PV panels and will ensure that your system gives you the maximum return possible for your location. Simply call us for your quote today.

What If I Move House?
Although you can have your solar panels taken down and moved to your new home, many people choose to leave them and let the benefits of your Feed-In Tariff transfer to the new owner. Many estate agents have sufficient experience with the value of solar panels to ensure that the price of your home adequately reflects the potential savings and income that a new owner will make from your PV panels.

What planning permission is required?
In most of England and Scotland, planning permission is not usually required for normal-sized solar electricity systems. It is however essential that you check your property is not positioned in a conservation area, or that it is not a listed building. If this is the case, some planning regulations may have to be taken into consideration. It is usually best to check with your Local Authority before work commences.

Do PV panels have to be on my roof?
No, you can just as easily have them installed on the garden or south facing walls, but most people chose to have them on the roof so they are out of the way and safe from theft or accidental damage.

How long do they last?
PV panels last for approximately 20 to 30 years. Throughout their lifetime they require very little maintenance as they have no moving parts and very rarely experience faults if expertly installed.

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